Weeks Fifteen through Twenty Reflection: at 20 weeks post surgery, I am going to go from seeing my physical therapists twice a week, down to one time every-other-week (twice per month). We worked a lot on agility, jogging, sprinting, jumping, lateral movements, single leg movements, explosiveness, and stability.

In addition to that major change, I have been jumping into more CrossFit classes (as opposed to training on my own), because I have been cleared to do most movements. However, Coach will still continue to modify and scale workouts as necessary, especially to avoid overloading myself with volume that my knee is not yet accustomed to.

Lastly, I just got back from Mexico in which I was able to swim, snorkel, paddle-board, use wave runners and ATVs, hike, climb, and more, with no issues which was a great relief (although I was being SUPER cautious).

So going forward, the major goals will be to:

  • increase overall strength
  • increase height and ability to perform box jumps
  • maintain full extension and continue to improve flexion
  • increase ability to run longer distances or at faster speeds
  • increase confidence

*NOTE: this will be performed over a gradual and steady pace (basically… this may take a awhile). Therefore, I will likely only be updating this blog with monthly progress to document and show progress in strength and agility as I acquire it.

Below are some examples of the CrossFit/ Strongman workouts I have been able to jump into:

For Time: 
1000 meter row
immediately followed by:
2 Rounds:
25 Axle Deadlift (160#)
25 Ring Row
Class Workout at City Strongman (1ST rx axle bar DL in a WOD)
10 Rounds:
3 Chest-to-Bar
6 Dumbbell Push-Press (35#)
9 Burpee-Box Jump (modified from 20" to 6")
Class Workout at CrossFit Dutch Kills (first “box jumps” in a WOD)
10 Rounds for Time (Emily)
30 Double Unders
15 Pull-Ups
30 Squats
100 m Sprint (modified to jog)
Rest 2 min
10 Rounds:
1 Tire Flip (As Heavy As Possible)
200 m Run (modified to jog)
10-1 Back Squat (115#)
5 Rounds:
Max Effort Bench Body-weight (modified to 115#)
Max Distance Farmer Carry
Rest as Needed
City Strongman WOD (1st Farmer Carry)
20 Min Ladder
1 Sandbag Load AHAP*
10 Double Under**
1 Sandbag Load AHAP
20 Double Under ...
*Used the 140# sandbag for this workout
**Due to the heavy volume of double unders - we modified this so that every other round I would do a 12 cal assault bike instead of Double Unders
1st Sandbag Load in a WOD (140#)