Post Surgery: ACL Reconstruction 3/1

Post Surgery Reflection: On March 1st 2019 I had my ACL Reconstruction surgery at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, performed by Dr. Fred Cushner, using an allograft (cadaver patella tendon) for my new ACL.

My weekly schedule regarding training and rehab includes physical therapy sessions, with Dr. Mike Camp & Dr. Jon Amato, 2-3 days per week, and strength training and conditioning at CrossFit Dutch Kills with Coach Dom Fortino 4 – 5 days per week.

Overall, week 1 post surgery was okay. Of course, it was uncomfortable (I wouldn’t describe it as “painful,” as the sensation was definitely tolerable). Although, I did spend the majority of week 1 in bed, leg elevated, being sure to ice frequently, and at times, walk around on crutches to get some movement in.

My surgery took place on a Friday and by Monday I was in physical therapy for our 1st (of many) sessions. I think a big part of what has kept me motivated and [somewhat] sane, is the team of experts I am so fortunate to be working with. I fully trust in the expertise of my physical therapists, as well as my coach, and that is paramount to this rehab and recovery.

What to expect on this blog going forward:

  • photos and videos pertaining to physical progress
  • photos and videos of training: “back – to – basics”
  • weekly training log
  • … and whatever else might be interesting along the way

Looking forward to making [another] comeback.

#DontPanic #noACLnoProblem


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