Knee Apocalypse aka ACL Tear

It’s official. I tore my ACL on 12/29/18. I felt the “pop” during a regular ol’ clean & jerk. Ultimately, MRI results showed the tear. Nothing to do now but get it fixed (ACL Reconstruction), rehab, and work towards a strong comeback.

I will be keeping a training log, including pics, and videos (YouTube) to document the Pre-Surgery Strong AF phase, the Post-Surgery Back-to-Basics, and ultimately, the #FullSend Comeback.

I am beyond thankful for the guidance, support, coaching, and motivation from Coaches Dennis and Jenn Marshall (CrossFit Garden City), Dom Fortino (City Strongman), Anthony Fuhrman (StrongAFtraining), Dr. Andras Fulop (Crux Physical Therapy), and Mike Stella (Movement Therapy).

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